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.:In Tentationem:.

My doll collection has one major topic, the one of temptation, something that my characters should not fall prey to.
For some that means to resist love, not to listen to the voices in their head and others just try to find peace in a cruel world.

My collection has currently three stories.
The biggest one is part of a major chess world project I have with my girlfriend ChocolateDecadence, I own the black pieces while she owns the white ones.
All my pieces are tan skin.
The second story has just started, it's about a prince and his two guards which are reincarnations of the sun and the moon.
The last story has still no real name or solid base, it's the one for my Volks and still a big work in progress.

I also sometimes have dolls that do not belong to any of these stories.


.:The Black Realm:.
SOOM MD Afi - Ramin Mellenkamp
Bambicrony Ellen - Hermia Mellenkamp
Dollshe Saint  - Roman Mellenkamp
SOOM SO Beryl - Dark Moon - Arcadia Mellenkamp
La Légende de Temps Roderich  - Amir Valois
Iplehouse Arvid  - Herr Schwarz
Dollshe IM Hound  - Salvatore Escrivá
Iplehouse Bibiane - Ryan(ne) Kenway
Granado Andrew - Kazuhira Ôtsuka (カズヒラ・大塚)

SOOM MD Amber - ???
SOOM MD Heliot - ???
Akh Xiro - Nero
Dollshe Hound - ???

.: ???:.
Volks DWC 01 - ???
Volks Ryoma Sakamoto - ???


Volks DD Yukino - Minako
DZ Gugu on Lulu body - Gugu
Doll Chateau Faramitas - ???

April Story Julian - Judas Iskariot


This account is mostly used for BJD and Cosplay photos.
Most of my stuff gets cross-posted on several sites, including my Livejournal, Flickr, sometimes my Tumblr, and several BJD forums.
Den of Angels:…
It would also be nice if you'd ask me before reposting something on Tumblr, since I usually crosspost my work there anyway.
You can find my work there under the tag "aradolls" ->….

If you are interested about my part of the chess world, the Black Realm, here's a link to my "wiki" for it:
Not all entries are translated to English yet, but the most important are.

My photos are NOT stock or are supposed to be used for roleplay characters, icons etc. on the internet.
If you want to post them somewhere please include a link to my deviantart, don't remove my signature or claim my work as yours.
Do NOT repost on Weheartit or Pinterest!


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sherimi Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015
Hey you, congrats on winning the Granado photo contest!! :heart: Saw your pictures and they were amazing ^^
AraDolls Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015   Photographer
Aaaw, thank you my dear ;u;
I'm very happy about this <3
Rosmare Featured By Owner Edited Sep 9, 2014
AraDolls Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014   Photographer
Thank you very much :)
Wolffboy Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You've got some wicked looking dolls I'm gonna come over and steal!!! But since you live in Germany, it'll take me a while to swim there!!!!  ROFLMAO!!!! :blackrose:

Awesome gallery!!! :heart:
Knibitz Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Did you ever happen to get your April Story Julian?

I'm thinking of getting one myself, because of the sale, and I'm wondering your opinion on it :) and any photos if you happen to have them.
AraDolls Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014   Photographer
Yes, I actually got him on last friday :)
It took them roughly four month to make him, most likely because they got a lot of orders because of their last event.
You can see his box-opening here, I switched it on public ->…

I personally like the mold, it is a bit like a Switch/Volks love-child of some sorts, and the head is also on the bigger side.
The doll itself is well made, but he came with a few little faults, like he has little dents in his face, but that's from the sculpting process, nothing majorly bad.
He can't sit that well for some reason but stands and poses fine mostly.
What I dislike are mainly his hands, he has crazily tiny hand joints and huge hands, and how thin the resin is in some places. I'm so afraid to break him while posing, also because he feels pretty light. I have to see how well he ages, but I haven't heard yet that they are prone to break.
Knibitz Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Yikes ;o;
yeah, Im not a big fan of the hands either, super huge and way too crazy veiny for my taste. 

If you didn't see the news, they're shutting down and merging with some other company. So it looks like they're casting their remaining resin that's on hand, and selling premade dolls. They're promising 1-7day shipping time on top of the 40% discount, so it's tempting :/ especially since it's "my last chance"
But there are so few owner photos and so few reviews, sigh :[

Thank you for your review and box opening, though!

so much to think about *ponder ponder ponder*
AraDolls Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014   Photographer
This so much. I have chunky 70cm guys with smaller hands than him (and I'm not even talking about my lanky Dollshe guys), and they just look really weird on him.

Yeah, I read that yesterday :C
I was a bit shocked, I highly dislike it when a company stops producing a doll I own from them...especially in their case where finding a replacement would be pretty much impossible in case something happens to him.
I'm really not sure if the 7 day shipping already applies now?
I thought it applies when they start working with the new company in future x_x?
Else this would be really awesome.

And yes, there are really not that much people who own their dolls, the discussion threads on DoA are also pretty small.
I know a lot of people bought their bodies for Switch heads though, since they make these 40% events regulary, but else?
Not much to report.
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sherimi Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014…
I think you might want this figure XD
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